Sunday, July 26, 2009

Living in Season: New Website

I felt honored recently to be asked by my friend Waverly Fitzgerald to contribute to her new web site, Living in Season. I met Waverly on line and by mail a number of years ago, when I contributed an article and a poem to a women's spirituality magazine that she was editing at the time, The Beltane Papers.

Since then, I've followed Waverly's work at the School of the Seasons web site and on her blog. Much of the seasonal focus here on A Word Witch is directly attributable to Waverly's influence as I read her work over the years.

The new Living in Season web site is a re-worked version of Waverly's earlier blog; it's an expanded, graphically-enhanced feast for the mind and the eye that is sure to appeal to everyone who longs for a bit more of a connection to the natural world as the seasons shift and change.

My contribution is "Hope in a Hot Season," about Florida's shift from high summer into pre-autumn; you can read it here. (Scroll down; it's the second entry on the page.)

Congratulations and many thanks to Waverly and her web designer, Joanna Powell Colbert of Gaian Design, for bringing us such lovely inspirations.

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