Monday, July 6, 2009

KTD 10-Day Teachings/Coming Down

I'm down off the mountain today, to spend a couple of days holed up in Woodstock to do some writing and finish this section of my blog. I have needed to find some quiet time to put my thoughts together and write in some depth about the actual teachings, and about Machik Labdron; there really wasn't time to do any of this while in the thick of the teachings.

I found a great, quiet (at least today) place with wi-fi where I can get coffee and snacks. I am at tree level in "downtown" (really more like "downvillage") Woodstock; the picture, above, gives you an idea of my bird's-eye view.

I took my last final exam in a job retraining program the night before I traveled to the 10-day teachings; this last year has been full of study, with no real time for reading, writing, or really doing anything beyond the essentials. So in addition to writing more for the blog, I'm also looking forward to maybe going swimming, sharing some good meals with friends old and new, and listening to the new Levon Helm CD I picked up at The Golden Notebook, a local independent bookstore.

How precious to enter the gate of dharma. And how precious to have a couple of days to relax and just BE.

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