Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Steve's Sycamore, and a Late Freeze!

Here's my neighbor Steve's big sycamore tree. If there's a better barometer of the changing seasons, I don't know what it is. Delicate green leaves in the spring, bigger and deeper green leaves all summer, finally turning golden-brown in autumn and then shedding all over the place just like yellow feral cats.

Look for this same view of Steve's sycamore as we move through spring into summer and then fall and winter. (As with all pictures on this blog, if you click it, you'll see a bigger version.)

We've been lucky lately; we've had rain (spring into early summer is our dry season). Now, tonight, there is a forecast of a freeze that is expected to set records for our area—down to 31 degrees! This isn't unheard of in April in North Central Florida, but it's rare.

If I'm up early enough tomorrow morning, I'll try to get a picture if we have frost—but since frost doesn't really photograph well unless it's heavy, I'm not sure I'll have much luck.

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