Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rising Water

About a week ago, we had several inches of rain. To our north, south Georgia got a lot more rain than we did. That extra water has been slowly percolating through the aquifer, and rivers to the north of us have flooded—forcing roads to close and forcing people out of their homes and into shelters above the floodplains.

The Santa Fe is the last of Florida's rivers to receive the water from south Georgia; west of where we are, the river is expected to reach near-record flood levels in just a couple of days. So when Forrest and I drove down to our neighborhood spring this afternoon, I expected to find the whole place underwater, but it wasn't.

The brown river water was high enough, however, that it had encroached upon the normally crystal-clear spring and the ramps into the spring, which for several years now have been above water, are now underwater.

The tree, above, is also underwater.

The idea that rain in Georgia can affect the rivers hundreds of miles away in Florida is just one of many examples of the truth of that environmental slogan, "Everyone lives downstream."

Each of us is downstream from something. What is upstream from you?

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