Friday, January 1, 2010

Starry Gate/A Supplication from the Queen of Vajra Space

Our gate has been decorated for Christmas and the New Year's celebrations. As I contemplated the star motif (one of my favorites), I was reminded of Machik Labdron's secret name, "Queen of Vajra Space."

And since the arrival of a new year or new decade is often a time when we are receptive to inspiration for new projects, I offer the following—Machik Labdron's supplication to Sonam Lama, one of her teachers, for a teaching that Machik wished to receive. May it bring benefit.

Homage to all lamas
Who teach the timeless wisdom of intrinsic awareness.
Homage to the yidam deities
Who surely grant spiritual powers.
Homage to all the buddhas
Who have total renunciation and realization.
Homage to the sacred Dharma
That brings peace and freedom from desire.
Homage to all the sangha
Where offerings become meaningful.
Homage to the dharma protectors
Who surely clear up obstacles.
From now until enlightenment,
I supplicate all of you.
I go for refuge in you.
I offer the five sense desirables.
I confess each and every misdeed.
I rejoice in the virtue of all beings.
I supplicate you to turn the dharma wheel.
Please stay and do not pass beyond our pain.
I dedicate the roots of virtue to help beings.

-from Machik's Complete Explanation, Snow Lion, 2003, pp. 81-82.

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