Thursday, January 14, 2010

A 100-Year Record Cold Spell

I've counted 12 nights in a row that our low temperature has been below freezing, with quite a few nights of hard freezes included. Our local paper says that this spell of freezing weather is the longest recorded in the past 100 years.

Forrest reminded me that this prolonged cold spell could make for a very beautiful spring.

Tonight's low is forecast to be in the mid 30s. That's above freezing. It almost feels like we should have a party!

Plus, as I left work tonight, I was greeted by this beautiful sky—clouds like this everywhere, over the whole sky from north to south and east to west. Just beautiful.


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

  2. A sky like that reminds me (I have been failing lately) that one should ALWAYS carry a camera!

  3. I have started carrying my camera everywhere. Makes for a heavier purse, but well worth it when awesome sights present themselves!