Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ferals' Progress, Part 6 (Bookends)

Here are littermates Baybee and Grover (left to right), proving that ferals CAN become happy housecats. Looks to me like they each need a nap.

It only took them 5 years to decide it was okay to come in the house and hang out with the humans.


  1. A heartening sight.
    Loper (The Interloper Cat) now accepts our food, and sleeps on the porch.
    He'll even come in to steal food, if I'm slow about putting it out for him.
    I have touched him.
    (He was kinda so-so on the idea).
    Well, this is six months....

  2. Our most-feral-of-all-ferals, Hortie the tortoiseshell, is now willing to be touched sometimes. And she has held a secret all these years--she drools when petted! So there is hope for Loper!