Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cold Spring Poems

the boardwalk to Cold Spring
passes through blue woods
alone at twilight
I hear voices murmur in the river
who comes with me
on this sacred journey?


the way to Cold Spring
used to be hidden
no signs, no roadmaps

you could only go with
someone who had gone before
or maybe follow scribbles
on scraps of old paper
directions from someone's mouth
to your ear

today the journey's open
not secret
maps, Facebook, newspapers
all point the way
for thousands

those crowds
don't know
what we have lost


the road to Cold Spring
shrouded in fog blanket
in half-light of dawn
rabbits, deer, fish
moon's reflection in water
my only companions


I was young when first I went to Cold Spring
when I left, I was gone for many years
I am old now, and returned
a bag of bones
floating in memories
of Love that will not die


through shaded glen
road rounds the island
to Cold Spring
whose feet trod here before?
whose will tread after?


Cold Spring
clear light
I empty myself
of my self
only Love remains


knowledge holder  awareness holder—
same word root as
he told me
past life points
to present, points
to future
down the clear stream
to Cold Spring


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