Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fall in Florida/Proof #2

Here's more proof—a couple of autumn-hued beauties on the banks of the Santa Fe River.

Season of melancholy! Eye's enchanter!
How pleasing to me are your farewell hues—
How I love the pomp of fading Nature,
The trees arrayed in gold-vermilion dress,
The fresh wind blowing through their tops and
The dense and darkly undulating skies,
The sun's infrequent ray, the early frost,
And grizzled Winter's lightly murmured threats.

-Alexander Pushkin, from Autumn (A Fragment)


  1. If I'd never fallen in love, I could get at least some of the idea from that tree.

  2. You should go to Woodstock in October! The whole Hudson Valley looks like that, only more intense. I was driving up the freeway, and leaves were blowing every which way, and I was--as my friend Pam so delicately puts it--rushing like a wild Georgia pig with the beauty of it all.

  3. Lovely photos, here and below. I used to live near another Santa Fe River, the one that flows through the ancient city of Santa Fe, NM. Have you been there? The Garrett Desert Inn, where I stay when I visit now, sits beside the river. You can open your window and gaze down on the water, listen to it talk about the mountains that it came from.

  4. Hi Ramona, yes, we went through that area when we moved from California to Florida in October 1989; it is just gorgeous! To get from Santa Fe back down to I-10, we went northeast of town a bit, and then drove a country road south to reconnect to the interstate. The road followed the course of a lovely river, and the scenery was breathtaking. I'd love to go back and visit sometime; you are fortunate to have a connection to that place. P.S. The place where I stay in Woodstock is on a brook. There's something about being near running water that is hugely appealing to me.