Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Monsoon

May is usually our dry month here in Florida. I remember taking off from the Orlando airport in May 1985, looking down and seeing what looked like smoke from hundreds of little wildfires practically covering the whole state. The end to our dry season usually comes in June, when afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms become more regular.

This year, though, the rainy season came early. It’s been raining pretty steadily for a week now. The lawn chairs sit empty, viewed through the porch screen as the downpours and drizzles continue over Memorial Day weekend—traditionally the start of summer beach weather. 

I’m not complaining, mind you. We need the rain; we’ve been in drought conditions for quite a while now. What this weather means to me is that our plants won’t need to be watered so much, and maybe—just maybe—we can finally have a bonfire sometime soon.

But—my friends Pam and Kathi are in South Florida today; they're going swimming, while I'm stuck inside, writing this blog. (heavy sigh) Have fun, girls!


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