Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goddess of the Grapevine

Spring is really here, and a lot is going on in the yard. Plants are waking from their winter slumbers, including the grapevine at the goddess rocks out by the picnic pavilion.

We've moved these big rocks at least three times that I can think of, because they remind us so much of a goddess figure that we've gotten attached to them over the years.

Because my birthday is near the fall equinox, a time I associate with the harvest of wine grapes, I'm especially happy that a grapevine has taken up residence on "The Goddess." You can see the thin tendrils of the grapevine if you look very closely at the picture above; the vine twines around the moon stake we bought one year at the Spring Garden Festival at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens (a great place!) in Gainesville.

I'll post more news of the yard a bit later. We had a terrific rainstorm last night, complete with wind, thunder, lightning, and loss of electric power. Whenever there is wind, we seem to lose power here in our secluded glen–part of the joys of living in the country!

At any rate, the rain seems to have given much-needed encouragement to a lot of our plants. Since spring is our dry season, I'm really happy to see our green friends responding to the much-needed rain.

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